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You can support My World Network in a number of ways. Even without frivolous bells and whistles, things costs money, domain registrations, graphic designers, server hosting, web analytics, web hosting, wordpress theme(s), etc. Few work for free and fewer still provide quality content cheaply.

You can donate through the following methods, with every penny being gratefully received:


Buy through Amazon? Use one of our affiliate links and throw a couple of pennies our way at no additional cost to you! You will find links, where applicable, throughout My World Network sites, though this will be kept as unobtrusive as possible.

Additionally, you can hire Chris for his proof-reading skills over at

Finally, for those of you who have their home PC running 24/7 or for large portions of the day, you can earn passive income while earning us a couple of pennies, by following the referral link, which will also earn you $5* just for signing up!
* You require to accumulate $20 before you can withdraw the funds however doing so requires no further action on your part.