Inspired by the over saturation of tech-heavy modpacks out there and, in the spirit of the old Gamer’s Without Shoes ‘RoleCraft’ server, ‘RoleCraft: A New Dawn’ is available via the Technic Launcher. It is recommended to allocate 6GB RAM and 5-10 minutes loading time, longer on first run, is NOT unusual.

RoleCraft: A New Dawn has a specific selection of mods and is customised to facilitate creativity and teamwork over full-on industrial automation. The mod selection is now all but set in stone however please fee free to request any additional mods via the Discord server or Message Board. Things are still subject to minor tweaks and mods are generally updated on a monthly basis.

Server restarts occur every 24 hours at midnight (GMT) with a additional, server-host-driven, restart on Wednesdays at 0600.

Please report any bugs via the Discord server or Message Board.

FAQ’s/ Helpful Links:

Known Bugs/ Issues: