The Trials And Tribulations Of Sim Heights

Hello and Welcome to Sim Heights, a custom neighbourhood, using Pleasantview as a template, for The Sims 2. Sim Heights was chosen as an ideal place to start a new district of Sim City, adverts were placed in various international publications for applicants to populate the new district. From hundreds of applicants, just a handful could be chosen. Experienced simmers will probably recognise a few of the faces which appear, others are creations of mine, and a famous name or two may make an appearance!

My intention is to play each family for one sim-day (midnight-midnight) in order to get through as many families as possible.

When Children reach the appropriate age for University they will be moved out and into the Sim bin until I have enough to fill a dorm.

Everything else will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Disclaimer: This is a re-publish of a 2011 blog. Something which is reflected in the poor quality of some images, and the complete omission of others. Any actual people depicted within consented to their likeness being used at that time and the portrayal of their respective ‘sim-selves’ is not only not intended to reflect their actual personality, but is exaggerated for comedic purposes and subject to the mechanics and restrictions of a video game published in 2004. Permission, whether explicit or implied, for 3rd-party content was gained at the time of use.

Introductions Family Trees
01. The Asland Household Asland
02. The Butler Household Butler
03. The Dreamer Household Dreamer
04. The Burb Household Burb
05. The Bachelor/ Caliente Household Bachelor/ Caliente
06. The Stargazer Household Stargazer
07. The Gardner Household Gardner
08. The Lothario Household Lothario
09. The Broke Household Broke
10. The Ramaswami Household Ramaswami
11. The Monty Household Monty
12. The Stables Household Stables
13. The Monty(#2) Household Monty #2
14. The Capp Household Capp
15. The Goodie Household Goodie
16. The Picaso Household Picaso
17. The Capp (#2) Household Capp #2
18. The Traveller Household Traveller
19. The Contender Household Contender
20. The Oldie Household Oldie
21. The Landgraab Household Landgraab
22. The Gemini Household Gemini
23. The Gavigan Household Gavigan
24. The Singles Household Singles
25. The Goth Household Goth
26. The Newson Household Newson
27. The Riley Household Riley
28. The Peterson Household Peterson
29. Reboot
30. The Cordial Household Cordial
31. The Irvine/ Glass Household Irvine/ Glass
32. The Curious Household Curious
33. The Specter Household Specter
34. The Grunt Household Grunt
35. The Shake Up
36. The Barlow Household Barlow
37. The McKay Household McKay
38. The Kim Household Kim
39. Population Control
40. The Clark Household Clark
41. The Valentine Household Valentine
42. The Steinbacher Household Steinbacher
43. The Muser Household Muser
44. School’s Out
45. The Beaker Household (w/ Nervous Subject) Beaker
46. The Smith Household Smith
47. The DeNostrodame Household DeNostrodame
48. The Ottomas Household Ottomas
49. The Kat Household Kat
50. The Capp (#3) Household Capp (#3)
51. The Pleasant Household Pleasant
52. The Garvey Household Garvey
53. The Bachelor Household Bachelor
54. The Shema Household Shema
55. End Of Round/ BDM Rule
56. Asland: Round 2
57. Butler: Round 2
58. Dreamer: Round 2
59. Burb: Round 2
60. Fin
Chris Garvey

Chris Garvey

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