36 – Introducing Kurt Barlow/ The Serial Killer Challenge

36 – Introducing Kurt Barlow/ The Serial Killer Challenge

Meet Kurt Barlow. New owner at 205 Custer Boulevard and our resident ‘Serial Killer’.

Don Lothario, Gonerill Capp, & Lola Curious-Smith drop by to welcome Kurt to the neighbourhood.

Kurt however, doesn’t socialise well and retreats to the back of the room to eat, while his house-guests chat among themselves.

Before long though, Kurt has managed to lure Bruce Rauscher & Danielle Lillard into his make-shift holding pen.

As his house-guests continue to chat among themselves, oblivious to what has transpired just a short distance away.

Meet Odin.

Bruce wants Odin’s cake…

Bye Bruce.

Danielle goes for Odin’s cake too but it appears she’s a little too ripe for his tastes.

Kurt provides some basic hygiene facilities.

Danielle is clearly delusional.

Meanwhile, Kurt has lured another passerby in, this time Linda Barthelet.

Linda joins Bruce on the shelf.

Which is a shame as Kurt kinda like her.

Despite his dislike of people, Kurt decides to head to a nightclub to find more potential captives.

Back at the house, and after two days, Danielle has become just another statistic.

Joining Bruce and Linda on the shelves.

The noise, lights and people are too much for Kurt and he is soon heading home.

Kurt has returned home, and, bizarrely finds Brandi Broke asleep in his bed. Kurt sleeps in the spare room. She’ll still be there in the morning…

Score Summary: While not playing strictly for the points, I have decided to keep track.

Capturing Bruce Rauscher +20
Capturing Danielle Lillard +20
Capturing Linda Barthelet +20
= 60 Points

Odin (Cowplant) eating Bruce Rauscher +30
Odin eating Linda Barthelet +30
= 60 Points

Allowing the escape of;
Don Lothario -50
Goneril Capp -50
Lola Curious-Smith -50
= -150 Points

Total (after 1 Round) = -30 Points

Chris Garvey

Chris Garvey


  1. What are the “rules”?
    Is there a door for your potential victims to come and go as they please, or are they trapped by the player?

  2. Hey Aclayjar,

    the rules can be found here: https://myworldnetwork.net/blogs/ttsh-35/

    It’s not particularly clear from the images, but there’s a door in the back-right corner of the garage which is unlocked when luring someone new in. The house is open to all as normal, i.e. no random Townies can simply wander in (although this is not unknown on other households) but nothing is specifically locked.

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