27 – Introducing, The Riley Household

27 – Introducing, The Riley Household

Meet the Riley Family, Timothy and Daughter Sally. Residents of First Floor, Sentinel Apartments.

Floorplan: 1. Timothy’s Bedroom, 2. Bathroom, 3. Sally’s Bedroom, 4. Kitchen, 5. Dining Room, 6. Balcony, 7. Lounge.

Timothy & Sally have some fun in the playground.

Having been encouraged by Carlos Contender whom he consulted about his plan, Timothy decides to invite Vivian Cho around.

Timothy watches TV as he waits for Vivian, outside Brian Tan has just delivered the newspaper.

Timothy needs a regular income if his plan is to work, he finds vacancies as an Art Student.

As an announcer with the local WWE-affiliated wrestling promotion.

As a Prison Guard.

A Playground Monitor.

However a job in Medicine suits him closest and he immediately opts for a role as a Nurse.

Timothy surprises Vivian as soon as she arrives.

Vivian happily accepts.

And agrees to move in.

Timothy & Vivian manage to fit Etsu’s toddler things into the apartment.

After an eventful morning Vivian heads off to work. And Sally to school.

Timothy’s new job doesn’t start until tomorrow and he decides to use the time to bond with Etsu, teaching her some new skills seems to an ideal way of doing so.

Vivian comes home just as Carlos Contender phones to congratulate the happy couple. And Timothy puts Etsu to bed.

Vivian wants the best for Etsu and decides to study Parenting.

As Timothy cooks Dinner.

Etsu’s awake and Vivian decides to teach her to Talk.

Sally got an A+ grade at school AND did her homework as soon as she came home earlier, so Timothy and Vivian have bought her a bird. Which she names “Stinky”.

Midnight hits and the entire household is just about worn out. Etsu is still awake but Sally needs sleep and Timothy takes Etsu into the lounge.

It’s 1am as Timothy finally goes to bed.

It’s 6am, Vivian is tired, Etsu is tired.

Timothy’s getting up for work.

Chris Garvey

Chris Garvey

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  1. The Rileys are my favourite family in Sims2 (I have my own megahood where I have been playing ALL Maxis-made Sims since 2008), but Sally and Etsu have long grown up, so it is very sweet and nostalgic to see them in their original state again!

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