14 – Introducing, The Capp Household

14 – Introducing, The Capp Household

Meet the Capp Household. Residents of Capp Manor. Consort Capp and his Grandchildren, Hermia, Tybalt & Juliette. A long-time blood feud existed between the Capp and Monty Families however the two Patriarchs settled their differences over a game of chess.

First Floor: 1. Hallway, 2. Tybalt’s Bedroom, 3. Tybalt’s En-Suite, 4. Hermia’s Bedroom, 5. Shared Bathroom, 6. Juliette’s Bedroom.

Ground Floor: 1. Main Hallway, 2. Guest Bathroom, 3. Kitchen, 4. Dining Room, 5. Lounge, 6. Consort’s En-Suite, 7. Consort’s Bedroom.

Consort calls to retire from his job as CEO of a major Sim City organisation.

Consort will receive a modest pension.

With hostilities recently ended. Tybalt Capp and Romeo Monty agree to make peace, and find they may actually be able to be friends. Hermia & Juliette play catch to remain close in case a fight breaks out.

Consort is emotionally drained from recent events and decides to have an early night.

Meanwhile Juliette makes herself some supper.

As Hermia heads to bed.

Fast becoming good friends, Romeo & Tybalt settle down to play some games.

Consort is awake again, and decides to practice ahead of his ‘Return Match’ with Patrizio Monty.

Juliette heads to bed as Midnight hits.

Chris Garvey

Chris Garvey

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  1. I always think it’s a good job Consort is an elder and requires little sleep as he so rarely got any in my game with all the ghosts that come out. 😀

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