Asland – Round 1

Introducing the Asland Household. Dominic and Sister, Kara.

The siblings kicked off the ‘Sim Heights’ blog back in 2011 and it seems only fair that they do so again a decade on.

The years have been, kind.

Coincidentally, this also means that the siblings will kick off the Found Your Town challenge by Unknown.

Revised “Found Your Town” rules.

You start with a single Sim, or up to 2 so long they are not (and may not become) romantically involved. They may only grow the household from the Townie pool.


  • Regular life span, no potion.
  • You may choose your traits and aspirations or randomise them.
  • You may change aspirations at any time, even if you haven’t completed the current one.
  • You may use any reward potion or trait except for the potion of life.
  • There is no limit on the funds of a sim moving in with you.
  • Any Sim moving into the household must have appropriate living space and a bed of their own.
  • You may not move any Sim(s) out unless they have sufficient funds to begin their own house AND have unlocked at least one (1) career. The Sim(s) moving out must have the means securing a fully functional house, either by building or buying.
  • A single career can support up to three (3) families and is unlocked when any single Sim has maxed out one of the relevant skills.

Careers are unlocked by maxing the relevant skills. Each career can support three (3) households. To begin a fourth household, a Venue requires to be built in addition to a second career unlocked.

Until the first career has been unlocked, Sims can only make money by selling things they can create/ grow.

Adult Skills/ Careers:

  • Astronaut – Max Charisma, Fitness, Logic or Rocket Science.
  • Athletic – Max the Fitness skill, or complete the Body Builder Aspiration
  • Criminal/ Boss – Max Charisma, Logic or Mischief
  • Criminal/ Oracle – Charisma, Logic, Mischief or Programming.
  • Culinary/ Chef – Cooking, Fishing, Gardening or Gourmet Cooking OR as a Teen, achieve Level 3 in the Fast Food Employee job.
  • Culinary/ Mixology – Max Mixology OR as a Teen, achieve Level 3 in the Barista job.
  • Entertainer/ Comedy – Max the Comedy skill OR as a Child, achieve the Social Butterfly aspiration.
  • Entertainer/ Musician – Max any Instrument skill OR as a Child, achieve the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.
  • Painter – Max the Painting skill OR, as a Child, achieve the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.
  • Secret Agent/ Diamond Agent – Max Charisma or Fitness OR Max Athletic Career.
  • Secret Agent/ Villain – Max Charisma, Fitness or Programming skills OR Max Criminal Career.
  • Tech Guru – Max Programming or Video Game skill.
  • Writing – Max Charisma or Writing kill OR as a Child, achieve the Artistic Prodigy or Social Butterfly aspiration.

Child Skills/ Teen Jobs:

  • Babysitter – Max the Social skill or complete any child aspiration prior to becoming a Teen.
  • Barista – Max either the Creativity or Motor skill to unlock this job.
  • Fast Food Employee – Max any one (1) of the childhood skills.
  • Manual Labour – Max either Creativity or the Motor skill to open this job opportunity.
  • Retail Employee – Max Social or Mental skill.

Venues and Careers:

  • Bar – Reach Level 10 of the Culinary/ Mixology Career to unlock.
  • Gym – Reach level 10 of the Athletic Career, OR achieve the Body Builder aspiration.
  • Library – Reach level 10 of the Writing/ Author Career.
  • Lounge – Reach level 10 of the Entertainer/ Comedy Career.
  • Museum – Reach level 10 of the Painter/ Patron Of The Arts Career.
  • Night Club – Reach level 10 of the Entertainer/ Musician Career.
  • Park – Max the the Fishing or Gardening skill, OR complete any of the Nature aspirations.

Before moving onto gameplay, a quick rundown of the founding Sims.

Dominic Asland Quick Bio.

Dominic is an Ambitious, Business Savvy, Greedy, Hero. Who is Self-Assured and Neutral Regarding Having Children.

Kara Asland Quick Bio.

Kara is an Alluring, Art Loving Artists, is Creative and Lover, but Does Not Want A Pregnancy Right Now.

The siblings have pooled their resources in order to purchase Crick Cabana, in the Willow Creek district of Caledonia Springs.

A single-level, 2-bed property with enough room for growth. Per Found Your Town challenge rules, they require to learn skills in order to take on a Career and may only grow the household by adding Townies, with sufficient room being required to accommodate new housemates.

Dominic is immediately sent out to build Fishing skills and has caught, a tuft of grass?

Kara however, seeks to build Influence and introduces herself to Leod McGregor and Lisa Kudrow.

Dominic returns from ‘Fishing’ just in time to greet the one-man welcoming commitee of Roger Sharkey.

Kara encounters Don Lothario who has taken the trash from the bin and is jumping up and down on it.

Looking sheepish, Don realises he’s being watched. Dominic and Roger however do not.

A short while later, and having politely asked Jill Peeping to go away. Kara has invited Don inside and struggles to make Eggs and Toast as he rummages through the wastepaper bin. What is with this guy?

Even after a cold shower though, Dominic is still angry that Roger did not tell him he was an Alien, and that the Fridge smells cheap.

Going for a walk to calm down, Dominic encounters Gvaudoin Tricou, whom he seems to like, though she apprently thinks he’s a rocket.

Perhaps Gvaudoin’s coming round.

No. No, she’s not.

Day 1 ends with the siblings alseep. They are close and are happy to share a bed.

The following morning, the siblings are directed to forage for things worth eating/ selling, with Dominic finding some Mushrooms, and Kara a Frog.

Shortly afterwards, they met, and invited back to the house, Armand DeBateau and Helena Bonham Carter, respectively.

Armand is nothing if not extremely forwards.

Kara however, is more than happy to oblige.

Mature Content.

Not to be outdone, Dominic and Helena take a steamy shower, and a more traditional approach.

With the women sleeping, Dominic has a Midnight snack.

Day 3. Dominic gives Helena a key of her own.

And a few hours later is tending to his mushrooms.

Kara meanwhile is setting herself on fire while preparing Breakfast…

Waking Helena who, rather than helping, makes a run for it.

12 entire minutes later, with the cooker and sink unit ruined, the smoke alarm finally realises there was a fire, though by this point Dominic has mostly put it out with a fire extinguisher.

Lightly charred and only slightly smelling of smoke, Kara notices Armand job past and goes out to say hello. Armand is apparently a fan of the charred look.

As Day 3 ends, a pregnant Helena, who has given Dominic crabs, agrees to move in.

At the end of Round 1, our points tally is as follows:
3 Active Sims = 30 Points. Remember, it’s a Marathon, not a Sprint…

Chris Garvey

Chris Garvey

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