4.2 – The Stein Household

Axel rolled a Want to Sell Lemonade, and so he is selling Lemonade, at 3am, in the Winter…

Christophe has still to find a romantic partner of any kind, will the latest Chance Card change that?


Random walkby Jenni Kerrone has very unfortunate timing. She sat down to eat the cereal which someone (Axel?) had made earlier and at the precise moment she produced a spoon, it went off.

The annoyed is real.

Thankfully, it’s not long before Danielle is on hand to alleviate the situation.

Sebastian is doing well at school, and brings Claudia Dunst home.

Claudia heads directly for Danielle’s ballet bar. As every visitor seems to.

Jenni is still hanging around and is rewarded with Spaghetti & Meatballs.

Christophe’s debut novel does not seem to be selling well. The royalty check though, is gratefully received.

Christophe has brought home Eliza Dushku, the afore-mentioned ‘friend from work’ and is soon turning on the charm. After several hours in the snow however, Eliza is starting to tire of his efforts. In the background a penguin is educating a snowman on the finer points of fine cuisine.

It really does appear Eliza has come inside not a moment too soon.

A rare moment when everyone is together for Breakfast, the wholesome family moment somewhat tarnished by the fact that Danielle apparently doesn’t believe in clothing. Still, better than wandering over to greet your new adopted child while bollock naked, hey Axel?

Axel’s tomatoes have grown and he can finally send some fresh produce to Helga to sell in the One Stop Grocery Shop.

Oh dear, Danielle has been here before. Will a different choice result in a different outcome?

Yes! Danielle’s ‘excuse’ that she legitimately hurt her back the last time she tried to help move this same piano earns her 2 Logic Skill Points!

The decision to buy the ballet bar has the desired impact also.

Axel has earned a Bronze Gardening Talent Badge for his efforts.

In a scene which is somehow both wholesome and sinister, Emelia has caught some Butterflies.

Oh dear, Danielle has been here before. Will a different choice result in a different outcome?

Axel begins to package up his produce to send to Helga.

It’s unclear how much water Danielle is getting but it’s one way of saving water.

As amazing that it was the household(s) went so long without running out of food, Axel is forced to use some of his produce to stick the fridge rather than sell to Helga.

Hopefully everyone likes Tomatoes!

All are in bed except Axel and Eliza, who is offering her own unique encouragement to Axel’s Pinball play.

New Caledonia Census

Household Changes:
Household Members: 4
Household Value: $29’374 – $29’329 – $45

Challenge Scoring

Prosperity Scoring:
Population: 10 Sims 10 Points
Neighbourhood Value: $117’089 1 Points
Total Score: 11 Points

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