4.1 – The Asland Household

The old and familiar new and improved 2 Sentinel Avenue, home of the Asland/ Capp Household.

With recent purchases taking a large chunk of the household funds, the living area is not quite finished.

Upstairs does not have the best layout but there’s enough bedrooms for all.

Following a relatively minor renovation, the home is suitable for the twins.

Dominic needs a manager for Rapid Racers Roller Rink and from the available options, only one, Marigold Gardner, has the required amount of Talent Badge points. The fact that she’s a Con Artist will surely not be an issue…

While he waits, Dominic practices Trick Shots, poorly.

Marigold is apparently quite happy to give up the life of crime and manage Rapid Racers Roller Rink.

(Author’s Note: I did try to change the uniform but doing so changed the skintone of her face, so I gave up.)

Tara DeBateau, Jules O’Mackey and Fletcher Douglas take advantage of the fact that Dominic forgot to switch on the ticket machine prior to heading to Rapid Racers Roller Rink.

Dominic is home and corrects his earlier oversight.

Consort is something of a clean freak, with the kitchen seeing the benefits.

Kara, as usual, refuses to change out of her underwear if she can at all help it. At least Carlos Contender doesn’t seem to mind.

Kara’s not one for cleaning but, like Ophelia Nigmos, she does enjoy a game of Chess. In addition her presence does tend to bring in the teenage boys, such as Patrick Tricou and Tybalt Capp, even though she’s technically Tybalt’s Step-Grandmother…

Fletcher Douglas is back and Consort shows he is not above taking money from a teenage Bjorn Solveig, nor his own Grandaughter, Juliette Capp.

There is however a reason, Consort has promised to take Kara to Twikii Island.

The Twikii Island Hotel, Consort and Kara’s residence for the next few days.

Kara has lost Consort already and she hasn’t even checked in yet.

Consort has been strangely morose through the majority of the vacation.

None-the-less, Kara tried to enjoy the time in the sun.

She also made the effort to arrange a glass-bottomed boat tour.

With a potentially interesting find!

Which sadly does not end well.

Curiously, the couple were seated independently of one another, despite being the only guests.

Kara is truly living the dream, a Hamburger breakfast right on the beach.

Another attempt at breaking Consort out of his rut, this time Paragliding.

To a mixed outcome.

The final day of the vacation sees Kara eat alone.

The couple clearly took different things from the vacation.

Of course the household had recently spent the majority of their disposable funds on the Asland Entertainment re-launch and now need to find $3000.

Consort has started digging for treasure but was so focused on his task his Social need slipped into the red and the Social Bunny paid a visit.

Only for Consort to attack!

The Bunny is legally obligated to try again to lift Consort’s mood.

Only to be attacked again!

So single focused was Consort on his efforts to find enough treasure he succumbed to his Need for, Everything.

Kara’s friend, Stephen Tinker offers his condolences.

Dammit ACR, this is not the time!

A sombre Asland Entertainment scene ends the round.

New Caledonia Census

Household Changes:
Household Members: 2 -1
Household Value: $82’681 – $20’860 – $61’821

Challenge Scoring

Prosperity Scoring:
Population: 10 Sims 10 Points
Neighbourhood Value: $55’313 0 Points
Total Score: 10 Points

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