4.0 – The Intervention

After a few rounds of play, it became rather obvious that the genetically corrected pre-mades, acquired from SimGiggleGirl were not actually implemented into play. I also discovered that ACR required an adjustment to work correctly with the longer lifespans. Poor Consort Capp is absolutely knackered by Kara Asland’s desire for kids except ACR believed she was an Elder and therefore impregnable. I have silent pregnancy activated and no knowingly pregnant Sims so time will tell whether the issue has been resolved.

At first I intended to just not say anything and have the corrected Sims simply show up as if they had been there all along but some, most noticeably the Pleasant twins, Angela and Lilith, both of whom featured in the last round, and both of whom while not always ‘on camera’ are frequent visitors to the playables, now have dark hair rather than red. Those are the most obvious changes, with many of the others simply being slight changes in face shape or eye colour.

I also added the Functional Milk Bottle Warmer by jacky93sims, and the mods Antibodies After A Sickness and More Dangerous Burglars & Enhanced Car Alarms! by LimeyYoshi, the Teen Graduation Yearbook by beestew, and Outerwear Change Made Smarter after some *cough* Danielle Stein *cough* decided it was sensible to constantly go out in the snow in their underwear!

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