3.3 – The Stein #2 Household

With Axel still failing to come good on the fresh produce front, Helga has no other choice but to try to grow her own. The residents of New Caledonia are soon going to be running out of supplies and, per the rules, can only buy food produced within the Neighbourhood, of which there is none. Helga did catch fish a couple of rounds ago but promptly sold them when money was short.

Well, perhaps Helga has found her calling!

Sadly, and despite her best efforts, Helga’s plants are not doing well and she calls for assistant. Ewan McGregor is happy to answer the call.

(Author’s Note: Ewan McGregor is a truly awful gardener! He came three times throughout the round, at one point declaring something along the lines of “There’s nothing for me to do here, your plants are in great health!”, when by the end of the round, half of them are now dead, and the remainder sick.)

Adam was badly in need of Fun and Social so was directed outside in a bid to raise both. Lilith Pleasant was happy to oblige.

Inside meanwhile, Klaus is expressing his creative side, with a painting which sold for $4. He later painted and sold another for $8!

The household need money if Klaus/ Adam are going to fulfill their respective Wants to attend College and, Helga’s bedroom is converted into a workshop, so they can make and sell toy robots.

Helga at least, approves of the change.

It’s only a $12 profit on each, but the first 4 “Peepin’ Tom” robots are fresh from the production line.

Actual profits are minimal however the cash rewards from building up the popularity of the business mean that the household currently have enough cash to pay for both Adam and Klaus to attend College.

Adam, looking to build his Body skill, has persuaded his Brother Klaus, Lilith Pleasant and Patrick Tricou, oh and Olive Specter(?!) to go for a Jog.

Following his Jog, Adam makes supper of Mac and Cheese for himself. Things do not go to plan.

The Fire Service are quick to respond however Adam blocks their access…
Luckily, rather than blind panic, he accepts instruction to try to extinguish the flames.
The smoke alarm has woken Helga and Klaus who are quickly in flames!
The Firefighter is finally able to assist.
Klaus is quickly extinguished.
Followed by Helga soon thereafter.
Really dehydrates you, being on fire…
Thankfully, the flames are being tackled.
Fire out, now Adam blocks Helga’s path…

Helga could not hold it any longer.

The time has come for the boys to head to College. Despite being younger, Adam is first to make the call.

Followed by Klaus. Neither achieved any scholarships and the full $20k was paid to the Sim City Education Department to cover their tuition.

New Caledonia Census

Household Changes:
Household Members: 1 -2
Household Value: $25’536 – $59’346 + $29’810

Challenge Scoring

Prosperity Scoring:
Population: 11 Sims 11 Points
Neighbourhood Value: $117’134 1 Point
Total Score: 12 Points

From Sim City Supreme Council: The result of the Draft Lottery was: 4. District 12 “New Caledonia” are not required to present eligible Teen-aged Sims for conscription at this time.

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