3.2 – The Stein Household

Immediately following her morning shower, Danielle threw up a previously never seen thought bubble.

A quick Google search later, it was off to the Childrens’ Home!

(Author’s Note: Danielle already had a (locked) Want for a Baby but did not have the funds required to pay the ‘Child Tax’, a fee which does not apply to adopting. I could not force the game to allow Sims to visit other Households, even after trying a number of mods so some ‘fudging’ was required, as can be seen below.)

While Axel & Danielle are visiting the Adoption Service, Christophe gets to work on writing a novel. It’s about Peace, and War, and Money, and Prison, or something.

Christophe has gained a point in Creativity, which was the whole point of the novel writing in the first place.

Introducing the Brighter Futures Childrens’ Home, the Matron Mother Abigail Stein* and Kids (From L to R, Claudia Dunst, Emelia Bradshaw, Bran Stark, Cheryl Mason, Arya Stark, and Kelly-Anne Stewart.

Claudia Dunst
Emelia Bradshaw
Bran Stark
Cheryl Mason
Arya Stark
Kelly-Anne Stewart
Lifestage: Child (10 Days)
Lifestage: Child (11 Days)
Lifestage: Child (10 Days)
Lifestage: Child (12 Days)
Lifestage: Child (14 Days)
Lifestage: Child (10 Days)
Starsign: Gemini
Starsign: Libra
Starsign: Scorpio
Starsign: Leo
Starsign: Aries
Starsign: Capricorn

(Author’s Note: For unknown reasons, Abigail Stein was using the wrong character model (that of May Parker by SynapcticSim, rather than Marlene McKinnon by Mischief Managed) which was only noticed last round when Klaus Stein called her on the telephone.)

Brighter Futures Childrens’ Home, based on Cantoori Orphanage by Zoraidascope

The home has room for 10 Child/ Teen Sims and 3 Baby/ Toddler Sims, at any one time. A private bedroom and bathroom for Abigail Stein, the Matron Mother, and a couple of Rec Rooms.

On the ground floor, dining facilities, washroom facilities, the Matron Mother’s office, a public lobby and small workshop for older children to use.

Abigail invites Danielle to play chess. Both to get to know her better.

And to allow her to see the kids playing.

Emelia Bradshaw has been a stand out among the kids and Danielle spends a little time getting acquainted.

As does Axel.

Back at home, Danielle makes the necessary phone call to finalise the adoption of Emelia.

Meanwhile Christophe continues to do well in his job.

As Danielle tidies the front garden, for the best possible first impression.

The Social Worker arrives just as Christophe is leaving for work.

Unfortunately Axel and Danielle seem to have lost track of time…

No, Axel, this is not an appropriate set of circumstances to greet your new family member…


(Author’s Note: Axel was teleported back into his bedroom and instructed to dress.)

Axel, the spiteful old bugger, decides to immediately confess to not being Emelia’s biological Father. This is not a surprise to Emelia.

Yesterday’s goodwill doesn’t seem to have carried over. Possibly due to Axel’s needless ‘confession’.

A joke breaks the ice however, and things rapidly improve.

The positivity carries through to Danielle’s workday.

Following a nap after returning home from work, Danielle helps Emelia fulfill a Want. (She has a bad habit of not changing into outerwear, or out of her underwear at all.)

Young Sebastian has grown up!

And fulfills his first Want as a child, selling Lemonade, to Dave Lister.

Danielle’s increased Body skill earns her a promotion!

Danielle has spun up a Want for another Baby. Axel, aware of the ‘Child Tax’ suggests adoption. Danielle however, is insistent.

The following day though, Danielle has a poor Chance Card outcome and loses that free Body point.

Whereas Christophe has apparently found his calling.

If this boy does not get into Showbiz, it’ll be a real shame.

Danielle finishes work just in time to meet the kids from the school bus. Emelia seems less than impressed.

Christophe has again risen a Rank at work.

Timing checks out.

Christophe put the finishing touches to his novel shortly after getting home from work.

The entire household are asleep, and all in the correct beds, as Christophe’s newly published novel sits out on the front doorstep in the snow.

New Caledonia Census

Household Changes:
Household Value: $25’536 – $29’374 + $3838

Challenge Scoring

Prosperity Scoring:
Population: 11 Sims 11 Points
Neighbourhood Value: $86’331 0 Points
Total Score: 11 Points

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