Diary Of A Fat Bloke – New Apps Please…

I had my app(s), I had the good intentions, the weather was cooperating, it was looking like I would soon be able to begin in earnest.

From previous comparisons, the Couch To 5k and 10k app was the tracker of choice, on the recommendation of a one of my players, I also download “Zombies, Run!” which i was assured was immersive and encouraged suspension of disbelief. Day 2 was on!

It’s not impressive, nor did it result in rude imagery, but it’s a benchmark.

By nothing more than sheer good fortune, I was mere metres from the entrance to Phoenix Park, and starting point, when the tracker app advised that I was done. A perfect route had been stumbled upon. I did not use the Static Bike on Day 2 but did manage 10051 steps over the course of the entire day, which may or may have included simply walking the length of the living room half a dozen times at 9pm to ‘get the last few steps in’. If I am to meet my 500’000 target though I need make on average, around 15000 steps, or the equivalent, on a daily basis, and each day i’m well below is just going to un-front-load (since the antonym of front-loading does not seem to simply mean the opposite of frontloading…) things.

“Zombies, Run!” was given a trial run on the morning dog walk, it was, not good… I could see what it was trying to achieve but, it’s not for me and was more of an annoyance than motivator.

Day 3, the plan was to improve upon Day 2’s benchmark. I set out at almost exactly the same time, walked almost exactly the same route (same pathways, no stopping this time to read the notice board). The app not only made all the right noises, it announces the 5-minute warmup and 60/90 second intervals where you’re supposed to run/ walk, and 5-minute cooldown, but I managed to get back out the entrance to the park and a decent way down the road before it let me know I was now finished. This was pleasing and I looked forward to seeing the stats…

Well, that’s not right at all…

My phone does have a built-in app which is what use to count my steps so tomorrow I may run both the Couch To 5k and 10k app and the Samsung Health app side-by-side and see whether it will do the job instead. Until next time!

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