Diary Of A Fat Bloke – Day 4 – The Workout Remains The Same

Diary Of A Fat Bloke – Day 3 – Definition Of Insanity

So, Week 1, Workout 2 was just a carbon copy of Workout 1… Nevermind, they say repetition breeds contempt, or something?

Slightly more dog walkers this morning, different ones this time, the ground is still solid and unforgiving but the recovery periods are definitely becoming noticeably shorter with not a sign of EIB in sight.

Comparison of Days 3 and 4. After tomorrow’s run, I may tableise (Did I just invent a verb? Don’t correct me) the stats for a proper comparison.

No mishaps again today, I must be getting the hang of this, though a number of dogs decided to say hello, and the absence of a training buddy is starting to be felt. Until next time!

Chris Garvey

Chris Garvey

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