Diary Of A Fat Bloke – Day 0.1 – A Glitch In The Matrix

6 March 2021

Initial altercation aside, the dog was more cooperative today, and I had hoped to test a variation of the route considered yesterday. New ‘bluetooth’ headphones meant that Bixby was silent throughout and I could instead focus on my podcast. Sadly, I seem to have switched something off or on or wrong, in my previous efforts to destroy the irritant, and the ‘map my walk’ app did not wish to properly cooperate.

As a result, this:

Possible Route #1.5

Should have far more closely resembled this:

Possible Route #2

Starting and ending at the same place, with what I hoped would be a further .39-ish KM to make a nice 1KM route.

Never mind though, weather permitting, I shall be back out tomorrow, phone freshly tweaked yet again in the hope that it understands I’m walking a somewhat circular route and not flying in straight lines from point to point.

‘They’ say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but ‘they’ also say the Earth is flat, so who knows what to believe. Until next time.

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