My World Network has existed in various forms since October 2005 when it was known as “World-Groups”, and comprised of several, now-defunct, yahoo groups. Simple in concept but becoming increasingly diverse, the Network now comprises a number of Divisions.

My World Network has revenue generating elements in place and, should a point be reached where the Network is profitable, members of the Network stand to earn based on their level of involvement, with a 40/30/20/10 breakdown being, AFTER running costs, 40% is retained by the Network, 30% is distributed among Network Executives, 20% among Network Associates and 10% being donated to a charitable cause chosen by consensus.

Network Partner

Individual(s) whom exercise direct control over My World Network.

Network Executive

Tenured individual(s) whom regularly exceed the minimum expectations of the Network Associate level.

Network Associate

Individual(s) whom are directly associated with the Network and whom meaningfully and regularly provide division-specific content or services to the Network, support the network, uphold Network values, and are active on Discord.

Network Initiate

Default starting level of all Individual(s) whom wish to join the Network directly. Promotion from this level is directly tied to the value you bring to the Network. Individual(s) are expected to meaningfully and regularly contribute division-specific content or services, support the Network, uphold Network values, and are active on Discord.

Network Affiliate

Individual(s) whom are affiliated with the Network but not directly connected. This includes any individual who may contribute occasional, division-specific, content while being unable to commit to a regular schedule.