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Chris/ Sentinel618The One Your Mother Warned You About...
Chris Garvey My World Network Founder, Retro Gamer and resident grumpy old man. Chris has been a Pro Wrestling fan for over 30 years and a gamer for longer. Starting out on an Atari 2600 around 1983, he moved on to a Commodore 64 in 1987. His first foray into the console world was with a Nintendo GameBoy in 1991, Super Nintendo in 1992, followed by a Sony Playstation in 1995. His first PC was in 1996. A PS2 followed in 2002, PS3 in 2007 and PS4 in 2014. He likes nights in and long walks on the beach.
Matt/ StarbugStone
Used to be a YouTuber but since my computer can't handle it anymore, I've moved over to web and C# dev. Used to have a Starcraft 2 team but hooked up to My World Network to get some variation in gaming habits. Started gaming on an Amstrad 464 (oh Elite on your double sided cassette !!), moved over to consoles when they were good and became a full-time PC gamer after the Wii went casual (And don't start with all this Playstation / Xbox crap, I only play on real gaming machines).